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Database applications

MySQL, Microsoft Access, contact databases -- I have years of experience with many kinds of small-to-medium-scale databases. Starting from scratch, improving what you have or moving from one platform to another? I can help.

In particular, I specialize in getting data out of one system and into another. Whatever kind of system you're converting to or from, I can help you keep all your data intact with no retyping.


Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (National Academies):

Starting from a fairly basic database of 3000+ contacts in Lotus Notes, I:

  • analyzed the actual needs of the organization, not just what needed fixing in the existing database
  • explored several software options (including building a custom database), settling on ACT! as a good platform to build on, using its Groups as a way to attach unlimited historical data to each contact
  • set up the structure and interface for the new contact database in ACT!
  • extracted the data from Notes, massaged it into the new forms that ACT! requires, and imported all possible data into the new structure

Working with a negotiations professor, I created a database-driven site which enables students to practice negotiations which involve only electronic communications.

  • Students are randomly assigned a role and a partner by the system (with approval from the administrator) and proceed to exchange messages which do not reveal the participants' real identities.
  • Students propose contracts to each other via a form which stores the values for each contract item. Once they agree, the final result is stored and that pair's negotiation becomes read-only.
  • If no agreement is reached before the preset deadline, the system shuts down that pair's negotiations at the deadline.
  • The administrator can observe all negotiations and obtain a tab-delimited file of all the values in the completed contracts.
  • The administrator can also send private messages to individual negotiators, messages to all participants who are assigned a specific role, and messages to all participants.
  • The system handles unlimited negotiation scenarios with different support files, contracts, and administrators.

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References available upon request

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