NowThis Consulting: Steve Bogart, Principal

Graphic Design

Need a new look for your site? A logo? Ads with small file sizes? High-quality scans? I have several years' experience with creating and manipulating attractive, fast-loading images.

I've made original logos, web adaptations of existing material, ads, animations, and more. I also produce graphics for print.

All the graphics I produce will reflect the twin goals of attractiveness and clarity, with clarity winning any ties (unless you specifically request otherwise).

I use tools that produce crisp, appealing graphics with small file sizes. Serving smaller files to every site visitor means that your pages will load more quickly for those with ordinary modems and that your site will use less bandwidth (which can help you save on your website hosting charges).

I can also do high-quality, color-accurate scans of printed photos for your site; see the photo portfolio of Andrew Linden for my scans of his evocative wedding photos.


Free images: You are free to make copies of these first two.
I Voted button
"I Voted" button (4.4K): I made six variations of this available in November 2002. Several independent websites used it.
Columbia memorial
Columbia Memorial (12K; the larger file size is to accommodate the numerous shades of gray).
PatternBarrel logo
Enlargement of the logo for (18.6K). See also the site's buttons, done in a similar style.
M&L Designs logo
Logo for M & L Designs (8.4K).
QuiltIndex logo QuiltIndex banner
Logo for (6K) and advertising banner for same (10.9K).
Joe logo
Working logo for a secret project of mine (7K).
Medley Medal logo
Logo for the recipients of the 2000 Medley Medals (5.3K)
LindenPhoto sample scan
Thumbnail (12K) of a sample scan for
Click to enlarge (139K).

Interested? Contact me about your needs:

Steve Bogart

Suite 120, PMB 255
5810 Kingstowne Center Parkway
Alexandria, VA 22315

References available upon request

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