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Site Maintenance

Do you need someone skilled in maintaining a website but you can't justify a full-time hire? Use me for your occasional site updates -- weekly, monthly, randomly, whatever schedule you like. No annual fees: you only pay for the updates and changes you request.

I can do as little as add a single news item, or as much as add a new section to your website consistent with its style. (And if you're tired of your current site, I can put together a complete redesign.)

I'm also skilled at copyediting, so you don't have to worry about errors making it to your public website.

For simple site updates I charge an hourly rate with a minimum timeslice of a quarter-hour and no extra fees. This means that gathering a few edits and having me do them all at once in 15-30 minutes is likely to be the most cost-effective for you. Regardless, you won't break your budget by using me.

Interested? Contact me about your needs:

Steve Bogart

Suite 120, PMB 255
5810 Kingstowne Center Parkway
Alexandria, VA 22315

References available upon request

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