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Professional websites

I make sites from scratch or can redesign or reorganize your existing site to be easier to use, faster and more accessible.

I also handle smaller projects -- if you only need a new section added to an existing site, if you have a print publication you'd like to translate into a superior Web version, if you'd like a better set of templates for your content management system: I can help.

I've been building web sites since 1997, with thousands of pages under my belt. I focus on writing compact, standards-compliant code that is easy to maintain and produces consistent and attractive results in virtually every web browser in use today.

End to End

I can help with any (or every) step of the process of getting your site on the web:

  • Planning your site from the beginning
  • Organizing your content into a logical structure that will be easy for your visitors to navigate
  • Designing the graphical look of your site
  • Creating the templates for the various sections of your site
  • Obtaining reasonably-priced space at a reliable web hosting service
  • Handling all the hassles of obtaining or transferring your desired domain name
  • Planning and creating any databases you need to support your site
  • Implementing any interactive features you want your site to have
  • Creating the web pages themselves, keeping them compact for fast downloading
  • Making sure your site meets all web standards that are appropriate for your particular project
  • Creating useful reports for monitoring traffic to your site
  • Updating your site as new content is needed

Anyone interested in the more technical specifics of the work I produce can find out more on my Technical page.



Redesigned site; added multipage, thumbnailed portfolio of dozens of high-quality scans.

(The International Association for Conflict Management)

Reorganized and redesigned site; added photo gallery based on members' digital photos from a recent conference.
(The Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academies)

Completely reorganized site; added over a decade's worth of archival information to the new site framework; worked within organization's existing design constraints.

Interested? Contact me about your needs:

Steve Bogart

Suite 120, PMB 255
5810 Kingstowne Center Parkway
Alexandria, VA 22315

References available upon request

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